Tim Horton's at the NYSE

Tim Horton's took over a Dunkin Donuts for a day to commemorate their listing on the New York Stock Exchange. I was given dimensions of various spaces that they were planning to occupy with banners and signs.

Using a collection of graphics that were supplied by the client, I created a series of pieces which were digitally printed on vinyl and rigid boards.

I'm still trying to acquire pictures of the location with all of the signage in place.

  • Assorted Sizes
  • Vinyl / Posterboard (Gator) CMYK Digital Output
  • Photoshop & Illustrator
  1. Sign that went below the counter

  2. Advertisement for the transformation in the lobby

  3. Miscellaneous sign

  4. Another miscellaneous sign

  5. Tim_horton-window-coffee-1
  6. Tim_horton-window-coffee-2
  7. Tim_horton-window-coffee-ba
  8. Tim_horton-window-cookie
  9. Tim_horton-window-donut
  10. Tim_horton-window-iced-capp
  11. Tim_horton-window-soup-sand
  12. Tim_horton-window-store-1
  13. Tim_horton-window-store-2
  14. Tim_horton-window-yogurt-be