Welcome to my site

Hi, my name is Spike Grobstein. I'm a freelance artist, programmer, technophile and all-around geek. Currently living in San Francisco, I work as Frontend Operations Engineer at Apple.

I've had 4 years experience in offset printing and digital prepress and 6 years experience in screen printing and embroidery. I've been a hobbyist programmer for 20 years and have dabbled in most popular languages (PERL, C, ObjC, BASIC, PHP, Python, Ruby, BASH, AppleScript, among others). I'm also an operating system slut and have been known to use everything from OSX to Linux to Windows to BeOS and everything in between.

I have worked on many side projects including MobilizeMe, a voter mobilization tool written using Ruby on Rails.

I have also started a company with some friends to do contract web application development as well as launching our own applications and services.

I'm involved in a number of open source projects and am a huge proponent of F/OSS. I'm highly proficient in Ruby, Javascript, PHP, C and AppleScript, on the programming end, and am a full-fledged guru in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop both as a user and an automator using Applescript and Javascript. Examples of my work are available as well as a complete résumé.